DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



On a similar tip, should I brave a bottle of Unbarred Chai Latte?


I’d one hundred per cent try it, but I’m also a moron, so.

Just looked it up, assumed it would have lactose in it (latte…) or be a milk stout or something, but no. Okay, maybe I’d be less inclined.


That Pohjala porter is :raised_hands: Really enjoyed the Verdant Quiet Charge too.


Did you finish it?

I’m terrible at doing that and then too cheap to not drink it.


Yes :flushed: it wasn’t worthy of pouring, but one of those drinks you spend the whole time going ??? as you drink it


They’ve commented on one of my Instagram posts about it - they say it’s one of their beers that they’re most proud of.


It’s sat at 4.1 on Untappd too, what are ya waiting for


Maybe I’ll get a can, persuade our easter house guests to drink it, and I’ll have a sip to work out if it’s nice or not!


It’s a proper marmite beer, I loved it - had a second half a few after my first and it was still :ok_hand:


I love it! It properly tastes like tzatziki, and I think it kind of works.


Yeah they hit the mark, and for that you can’t complain!


Some cans for the bus to the wedding.

Dunno if northern monk should go in my save for special occasion box or not.


Picked these up today:


Is that a deluxe LHG cheeseburger or something?


It’s an IPA collab between LHG and Verdant called Even Sharks Need Cheeseburgers. Fingers crossed it’ll live up to the quality I’d expect from them both…


The original Cheeseburger is one of my favourite IPAs, so I assume that is just going to be brilliant.


Picked up some stuff from my local brewery.

2pts of the best stout I’ve had this year

2pts of their “Milkshake IPA”, Grapefruit Crush

And a tin of their collab with Electric Bear Brewery, Water Lane, an IPL


Is that Death? That thing will last the apocalypse.


A couple of Bristol events for the calendar coming up, LHG seem to be getting a lot of love here lately!
East Bristol brewery trail which is always a lot of fun, low key affair. Often find the brewers visiting each other’s brewery having super intense beer chat! Brewery trail
Also Lost & Grounded have released their summer time schedule: Summer series

Luckily(dangerous) I live within a 20 minute walk of all the breweries!


It’s pretty, pretty, pretty good. Quite warming for an IPA. Suits the weather!