DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Drinking this at the moment, a 9% sour from Wild Beer, and I really wanted to let you all know that it’s one of the most interesting beers I’ve ever tasted. The descriptors on the front of the bottle are absolutely spot on. I think I love it… I think. Maybe what I love most is that I know it’ll divide people (and clearly it has from the 3.61 rating on Untappd).




I had this last night and it was mental!! Like an Islay whisky beery nightmare (nightmare in a good way) ended up a bit pissed and watched a lot of ru Paul’s drag race and nailed it :scream: I blame the beer


(Need to try that beer. Sounds mad.)


A mate has just opened a bottle shop 64 steps from my front door.
This could be dangerous


Seeing the Untappd check ins from Hop City is making me so jealous :sleepy:


Then you won’t like my instagram this eve.


Nice, have a lovely time. So much double trouble


Not gone this year was ill for days after last years.


Self inflicted ill?


New M&S beer for M&S beer fans

Wimbledon Ale - Wimbledon Brewery (elderflower beer)
Laid Back pale ale - Arbor Ales (“Laid Back” is a thing in M&S, no idea what it is)
Cornish Saison - St Austell


Hmmm… Elderflower? Is it nice? Wimbledon Brewery is quite near my house - quite a big fan. Their cask stuff is great.


Yep. Going to a morning session. Smashing double and triple ipas all session then staying out until the early hours in town


This was really nice. Black Iris Cosmic Cream. Asked the guy in the shop if it was nice, but he said he couldn’t drink it because he was lactose intolerant.


You did the same thing we all would have done by buying it.


Used to like Dark Star’s Hylder Blonde. I’ll let you know when I crack it open.


Cracked one open in the shop, took a massive glug and went “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH”.


Boring beer really. The only highlight being the elderflower aftertaste. Base beer is pretty meh


The Siren craft brew Caribbean chocolate cake tropical stout is amazing yo


Hop city was great. Equilibrium - shop probably my fave.

The 2 cloudwater ddh ones were good too. Oh had my first burnt mill which was tasty too.