DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



That should say dhop8


Me and my cousin’s menu last night - the Boss Tweed was superb:


Good to hear - I’ve got a bottle of that chilling that I was going to crack open later.


Still one of the best named beers (and tastes better than I remember!)


Depends how important it is/was you will be/were awake. I had the Death the day after a huge shift at work and little sleep, and was :sleeping: for a couple of hours.


Latest purchases should be interesting. I see the chocolate cake getting some upthread loving.


@doubleespresso love love love Carribbean Chocolate Cake. See they’re doing a different version atm too

@JaguarPirate, alphabet have the best names hands down. Zack de la Rocher is the best named beer going imo


Did everyone buy Caribbean Chocolate Cake this weekend?


No, ive not had it in almost 2yrs, but have had it bottled (Xmas day 2015), and kegged (in the evening star 2 yes ago almost to the day). It’s stunning.


Damn I want that Alphabet one badly.


It’s was great. But best name going. Juice Springsteen is one of theirs too. Top namers


Got a couple of hours to kill in Durham tomorrow if anyone knows any craft places.


Head of Steam?


It’d be my Newcastle train station tip too.


Had a third last night. Really good


Had Wylam’s Us & Them this week from Trafalgar Wines before the No Age gig in Brighton…seriously good - best DIPA I’ve had in a long time…
…bought another so I can I have it…over and over again…

Great selection in there at the mo…Yellow Belly in stock and just now enjoying the Barrel Aged Shattered Dream by Siren…


mmm…loving the Barrel Aged Shattered Dream…at a surprisingly sessionable 9.1% too :wink: …Siren are on a run of (slightly) overlooked gems of late…



Classy train beerz


Was til I opened one and sprayed it one myself.