DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



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Other Glaswankers?


Greenflash brewery shut down



Tall Boys in Leeds closed today too

obvs quite different but bad day for beer


Yeah saw that.

Went in last week and they had fuck all in

Shame. Good place


Wow. Suppose liltle beer house took a bit of trade away


Is that Arbor one not a beer they already had but in new packaging? If not I’ll get involved. Never had a bad beer from Arbor. Also good to see m&s reviving the 4 for 3 deals in the Brighton store. That was my go to for affordable beer wankery.


We do an American laid back IPA from Adnams, an American IPA from Arbor, or the American Pale by Arbor, so no, that’s a new beer.


Got a referral link to Mikkeller Beer Club if anyone wants in

50% off - works out at about £20 for 9 Mikkeller beers (also gets me another discount :kissing_heart: )


help if I put the link: http://mikkelleraps.refr.cc/nestorwatach


V tempted! How have the boxes been that you’ve got so far?


Really good. Had a few absolutely incredible ones and nothing’s been less than decent.

Should’ve said it’s Beer Mail rather than Beer Club that works out at about £20


I miss beer club but it got well expensive
What was in the last beer mail?


Cloudwater opening a taproom in London


Oh no.


can’t wait to never be able to get through the door

incidentally, i went to the Sympathetic Ear again last night after trying out Bullfinch’s new murky offering (3.5/5) - it really is one of the nicest beer bars I’ve ever been to, and was really not very busy at all. good on the Canopy lot.


Keep meaning to pop in here. The Herne Hill place? Might try it this weekend.


on Tulse Hill right by Hootenannys but yeah man do it, it’s great - I had a really good Saturday afternoon/evening session in there on Paddy’s Day - really nice staff who we chatted to for hours


This was my favourite from my last one:

Also had Gooseberry Berliner Weisse, Rozpusta sour, Mosaic Session IPA iirc


I’ve had most of them. Might not be for me


they show exactly what’s in each month’s on their youtube channel btw