DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Oh nice




Such a wanker that this has made me really happy.


It was the best one.


‘I preferred their earlier stuff’

Think 9 may have been my first.


Nah srs here.

I had V2, 3, 4, 5 and 12 and the first birthday and 3 was easily the nicest

Think they brewed 4 and 5 to be blended together


v3 and v9 were my faves


v9 was my favourite, v6 the first. According to Untappd I’ve had 26 different Cloudwater beers.


Think I had all from 9 onwards… just checked had 8 actually. Gave 11 the highest. Remember 12 being a bit better the 2nd time I had it.


I’ve got 48 #hypebeerwanker




Looking forward to gradually working my way through this lot, especially the salted caramel Shattered Dream…


Xocoveza :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Back in Brighton now after my little Leeds jaunt. Went to the northern monk refectory last night. Busy little place considering it’s tucked away in some industrial estate. Tried the Victorian Lemonade Magic Rock colab and didn’t like it at all. Bodega by Track was on and although v good was possibly the most I’ve ever paid for a beer. Went to Budobust (craft beer and Indian street food) and tried one of their own beers Juicy Bhangra - pretty average tbh. The place I kept going back to was Arcadia in Headingley - great selection of casks on constant rotation.


Did you eat at bundobust?


Got a reliable supplier down here as well.


The TVs best friend lived across the canal from NM. Some very drunken nights in there.


Okra fries :heart_eyes:


Vada pav mate.


All the food in there