DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Yes pls.


Drinking Verdant Bloom again. Not as good as Pulp but it’ll do.


I did indeed. Was pretty banging.


Solid Stormbird trip today - this was only the non-draft half of the day…


84 for me :wink:

Looking at Untappd, I rated their original Birthday DIPA as my favourite, followed by v11 and 13. I had all the numbered ones. Three was fucking good tbf.

I’m most excited by Chubbles coming back soon.


Whats your name?


A few things I’ve enjoyed recently. The Burnt Mill Pintle was lovely, as was the Kernel.

Next to the Kernel is a bottle of Big Drop Stout. Bought a case of them and they were all pretty decent. The lager was particularly nice, although they’re a little too pricey IMO.



Not scrolling thru this but is there an Untappd role call somewhere?

Think my username is harru






This is banging


I’ll add you, I’ll be the one with initials SW


Might add him to confuse him as my initials are the same


Get me, drinking Fullers from a Fullers glass


Is this readily available or is it Wanker only? Absolutely love Broadside


Someone from Suffolk got it me. I’ve not seen it anywhere


Drinking the first mikkeller ive had that isnt very nice: no cow on the ice.

Conversely, when hazy met sally is exceptional. Riesling people very nice too.

Yes, i am in Copenhagen.


same as on here — songforsaturday


Right - I’m firing up Untappd again. Going to properly use it this time. Account is my proper name (Ed).


There’s a lot of Eds, any chance of narrowing it down?