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Beavertown are going into Waitrose stores across the country by the end of this month. Not sure of pricing.


Probably around £2.50, as that’s where a lot of their craft tins sit at


Is there anywhere decent and crafty close to the O2? Off there tonight and really can’t be arsed with All Bar One and £7 lager in the venue.


My local indie bottle shop sells Beavertown cans for about £2.80 - £3.20 iirc, but a six pack for £15.


Will add you. Just trying to locate your profile…


Found out this weekend the newsagent round the corner do 6 cans for £12 - same as B-town themselves!


Just helped lug the new office beer fridge up. I say ‘lug’ - we used the lift. But was quite heavy. I’ve definitely seen worse selections in places I’ve worked. All from Ocado I think. Special offer on Corona helped fund the Beavertown. Big up Dan in accounts.


Where’s that!

I was having a chat the other day about craft beer pricing, and how it basically feels impossible to, say, provide craft beer for a party without the breaking the bank.

Like, is this the closest we’ve got to mass-market priced “craft” beer?



I remember when we were on holiday in Canada we visited our friend in Toronto while she was at work, and more than just a beer fridge, they actually had beer taps!

Not a chance of beer here though (which is probably best since I have to drive into work)


In N7.

Yeah, it isn’t easy. 4-packs of Northern Monk Eternal & New World IPA can be readily found for ~£6 in Mozzas/M&S, same sorta price point as Brewdog tins and those you’ve linked.


Yeah, it’s £6.50 for a four pack of Brewdog or Camden in Sainos, or three for £5 in Tezzas (might be £5.25 actually).

In the US, you can get six-packs of great beer for $9.99, which is just over £7.


Be interesting to see how Beavertown sell their stuff in Troze. 4 packs of Lupuloid for ~£7 would be excellent. The fact you can go into most supermarkets and find something hopefully suggests we’ll approach that territory soon.


Will be interesting too if indies stop selling them in response…


True, it’s kind of happened with BrewDog, weirdly not Camden though (round here, anyway). NM have been selling their stuff in supermarkets for quite a while now, to I think no ill effect from independents. I think if you keep this kind of philosophy you’ll be okay: https://www.northernmonkbrewco.com/blog/2017/05/supermarkets-our-approach


Yeah. One of my favourite things on holidays in the US is getting a six pack of some Brooklyn beer that you don’t see over here and a bag of Pirate’s Booty and taking it back to the hotel room.

What would £7 get you here…? 4 bottles of Pride maybe?


Yes, I know, it’s at Wembley…


Indies still sell Five Points, And Union, Thornbridge et al. Don’t see why trose stocking btown would force their hand


Is Five Points in supermarkets?

I don’t think my local indies sell Thornbridge core beers anymore. I’d suspect that would be the way of things - indies will stop stocking the core beers if they see they can’t compete on price, but keep the special releases. Here are the top ten selling beers in 2017 for my local indie, Waterintobeer:

  1.  Beavertown Gamma Ray (1)
  2.  Beavertown Neck Oil (3)
  3.  Augustiner Helles (NE)
  4.  Magic Rock High Wire (8)
  5.  The Kernel Table Beer (7)
  6.  Brockley Pale Ale (3)
  7.  Kernel Pale Ale (NE)
  8.  Brockley Summer Ale (NE)
  9.  Magic Rock Salty Kiss (5)
  10. Umbrella Ginger Beer (NE)

(Not sure why it’s rendered like this)


Aye, think it’s 5 points pale. trose sell all 3 of those I listed, plus we sell Magic Rock. Definitely agree with you around the selling of core beers


I really enjoyed the Big Drop Spiced Ale and Pale Ale but completely agree that they’re too expensive.