DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I looked at the Spiced Ale label and saw what was added (nutmeg, cloves) and instantly wrote it off, but they’re actually pretty nice.


I bought a selection case of their four beers last November and the Spiced was my favourite of the four.


I got the same case I think. I reckon the Pale Ale was my favourite, but I liked all four of them. Have you tried the Nirvana ones?


No, but I haven’t really bought any wanker beer this year. My favourite beer shop have started stocking Nirvana and I want to try them.


there’s Adnams shops in Norwich and London, I know that much


ah I nearly bought the riesling one the other day but decided to save my money as poor etc :frowning: good to know it’s nice though, it looked lovely


Beavertown sell too well for indies to stop I think, people will still buy it from there


I met a guy who works at Oskar Blues the other night but I was drunk so forgot to really ask him anything (or if I did, no idea what the answers were)


As someone on Twitter pointed out, often in order to receive special releases, retailers have to commit to purchasing certain volumes of core beers, so they may not have a choice.


The Radius Arms near me has joined Untappd, and they’ve started adding their beer menu to it which also shows up on their facebook page, so my feed is full of all their beers. Just a shame I’m stuck at work.


ERR, ok


Bringing home:
Beer geek Breakfast
Beer geek Brunch
It’s alive!
Evil twin imperial doughnut break.



Just used ordered some kbs and cbs…that I couldn’t really afford.


Really wanna try this. Bringing it on Saturday yeah?


Ill save you a thimble full


Dregs of the tin is enough


Finally trying the Unbarred Chai Latte. And of course it’s delicious, like all their beers.


Black Tovarisch from Laugar - delicious, dense imp. stout. One of the best I’ve tried in ages…another tip of the hat to Honest Brew’s superb selection


still irked that it doesn’t have any kind of milk based product involved, despite being labelled as a latte. happy it’s good though


We’ve just got the Macchiato in bottles at the pub I work at, having one now, and holy shit it’s good. So much hazelnut.

Also got a can of Verdant’s Bloom (can’t believe we have it to be honest) and the Wiper & True Plum Pludding which I think was BeerBod’s beer of the year. The Verdant was £5.80 / £4.35 with my discount which was is pretty good as it makes cheaper than what I’ve seen in bottle shops.