DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Had this a few years ago at indyman. Remember it being ridiculously sweet but still :heart_eyes:.


CW TIPA Citra BBC - oooffff its good


really need to pick up some new cloudwaters this weekend, if there’s any left anywhere - want the new Citra BBC one for sure

going to Fourpure’s tap room for the first time tonight as it’s near-ish DIY Space For London - anyone been on a Friday night? the fact it closes at 9pm gives me hope that it won’t be that busy but it could also be full of Bermondsey-living city boys who have been drinking since 4pm I guess


Chai is a very different flavour than Chai Latte though.

Now I’ve realised I like it I think it might be out of stock everywhere. Doh!


Hmm shame I’m not really drinking for another week and half.


Can confirm Fourpure is great and not very busy


Filthy glass, lovely beer.

Way better than the other Cloudwater/Beavertown collabs they did at the same time.


Been wanting to get there since they opened. Me and an ATD do the beer mile twice a year so due a trip. All about their morning star if you can get it.


Yeah, it ain’t the part of Bermondsey that City Boys live in…


Had a two-year-old KBS the other day, was sublime. People say it doesn’t age well but those people are wrong.


There’s a 3rd collaboration beer between them, which of the others did you have? That DIPA is fantastic. Wasn’t into the IPL, but the gose is very nice indeed…


That’s much fancier than when I went there about two and a half years ago, is that what the brewery out by Millwall looks like now?


I’ve had the IPL, which I liked more than most lagers, but it’s nowhere near as good as the DIPA. Not had the gose but if I spot it somewhere I’ll definitely give it a go.


£15 in Tesco. Weekend sorted




take your eggs out the fridge man


Only been on a Saturday. Love the mix of people you get on the beer mile if Millwall are playing at home.


That’s the best thing about the Beer Mile. We normally stop at the St James of Bermondsey for lunch and that’s a right mix of drinkers.


Morning Star is so delicious. Really wish they’d do more of it as is their best beer but guess there’s not much of the market for porters.


Last time we went, it was so cold we ended up in the Ancient Foresters drinking Guinness.