DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Started a beer mile off with ⅔s of it at 11am once. Lovely beer, bad decision


Just picked up one of these for next weekend.



Tres delish


Anyone familiar with the Christchurch area in Dorset? Heading down for a few days and looking for some boozing opportunities.

Just having a delve now. Wight Bear Ale House is fairly close to use. Looks promising…


#hypebeer but has anyone had Fruit, Car, Sight, Exhibition? really, really good


Is good in there. Apart from that, that’s about it. If you can get over into Bournemouth there’s a couple of alright places, but the Wight Bear is your best bet.


I’ve never been that inspired by Dorset beers. My local is a Badger beer pub (it’s actually an old King & Barnes pub, but Hall & Woodhouse bought them up just to get rid of some of the competition), and their ale isn’t bad as such, but it’s not brilliant. When we’ve stayed down in the New Forest the beer that you get everywhere is Ringwood, and again it’s not bad but…


Used to buy Ringwood from Morrisons in the olden days. Not had one in years.




Aye, so you’ve chosen one of the biggest breweries on the south coast, possibly known for producing slightly boring beers and another who are owned by Marston’s and moaned about their beers. Shrugs


Hey - I’m open to trying delicious Dorset beers. I was just commenting on the beers that I’ve seen when I’ve been in pubs in Dorset.

Tell me what I should be trying! :slight_smile:


Yeah - doesn’t looks theres loads of options. I usually pack a load of cans in the boot of the car, but planning on doing some walks that take in a pub or two.

Miniature railways tend to trump pubs these days.


Vibrant Forest, if you ever find yourself back in the New Forest. Cracking brewery.

Isle of Purbeck, Dorest Brewing Company, Bournemouth Brewing, 8 Arch, Dorest Piddle, Dancing Cows


Try and get across to Vibrant Forest in New Milton if possible.


There’s a couple of good off licences near me, so I’ll look out for them. Ta!


Traf wines should have loads of Vibrant Forest in.


yep. verdant single hop citra dipa is literally the perfect combination of words when it comes to beer imo though so was never gonna disappoint.


I don’t know why I haven’t posted in here before. I had this in a bottle shop on Brick Lane the other week. It’s really nice and easy to drink, though it is 9.1%!


Are we all aware Northern Monk have made a Sharknado beer?

I saw it at Utobeer in Borough Market earlier (it was a lot more than £4.25)