DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



there’s a chip on the rim of my To Ol 400ml glass :sob:

back to Copenhagen I go…


I bought 2 glasses because it was proper dead so I couldn’t not buy it if you know what I mean


Probably posted this 1,000 times in here, but my mate is the graphics guy for Magic Rock so he probably designed that! He’s ace.

I had a half of the Unhuman Cannonball on Friday at Craft on Leather Lane. Was good but didn’t love it.


What unlucky said, think Hand has gotten bigger since last time I went as well. Beerwolf is one of my favourite pubs ever, set of stairs as you enter it which could be annoying with a pram but shouldn’t be too bad. There’s a really nice cafe next door called The Courtyard Deli. There’s also a really good falafel van called Fal Falafel that is/was run by one of the Verdant guys as well.

This blog post by Boak and Bailey is a decent as well. If you start at the bottle shop near the maritime museum I’d probably then get fish and chips at Harbour Lights and then eat them outside The 'Front which is more traditional but usually has something fairly decent on.


The Range should have these Willi Becher glasses in store if you live near one.


Hmm - it would mean a trip to Worthing or Eastbourne. Also, out of stock on the website, so potentially out of stock at the end of a trip out of town.

But good find! I’ll keep a bookmark and check back when I’m next somewhere that might sell them.



found it here btw



Perfect, as I’m driving. So a half in Hand/Beerwolf then a trip to the bottle shop and then a visit to Verdant on the way back.


Looks like Hand havetheir own bottle shop as well now next to the bar so you’re better going their instead of the other one as that’s on the other side of town. Hand and Beerwolf are about 5 mins away from each other as well.


Have any of the London lot been to Beer Hawks bar? Spotted it on my ride home from work. Near Blackfriars station.


I’m going to be down in Cornwall next weekend, but not as far as Falmouth sadly. I will be stopping by the St Austell brewery shop and picking up a whole load of Proper Job though.


aaand another one


Just had the Trzech Kumpli Misty Contemporary IPA from the latest Beer52 box, and it was pretty damn delicious. My favourite beer I’ve had from any of their boxes so far, would recommend it if anyone saw it around.

Thoughts @Unlucky?


Buxton as well


And verdant


yeah… they’re gonna have to refund people.


It’s actually my next one to drink, currently on the peach ipa one (was going to give it away as trying to stop having lactose ones but had one by accident on Saturday so thougt may as well drink it now)


Was pretty disappointed with the Vernon ipa from pinta though


Had a pint and a half of Augustiner Helles at lunch just now. Not seen it on tap before. Exmouth Arms had it on.


Ooh lovely, how much OOI?