DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


best lager, hands down


£5:60 a pint.

Only ever had it in bottles before so a nice treat.


that’s a well good lineup - every time i go in that pub i end up having to drink some very average pale ale. must just be unlucky.


Blimey, and silver peel?! Very nice, need to make a trip there somepoint


Yep between that and edelstoff there is no comparison (we sell it btw but by bottle)


It’s so nice. Such a crisp, subtle taste. Like, I could wake up at 7am with a hangover and still neck a pint of it.


Welcome to my past year


They had other stuff on the other keg taps but as soon as I saw that I new I was having a #CrispyBoi.


Yet to try Edelstoff. There’s a really old school bottle shop in South Wimbledon that is sadly closing down that has it for 20% off. I keep meaning to pop in but am dreading the awkward chat with the owner - used to be in there weekly until a We Bought Beer and Craft opened in Tooting. It’s also probably way past it’s sell by date.


Edelstoff is basically “export”, it’s more or less the same just slightly stronger/wee bit heavier but without overdoing it, ‘‘tis lush, worth the awkward chat… probably not out of date as it tends to sell well but even if it it’s probably fine


Another brilliant new brewery & taproom place opened up under the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle. Lovely afternoon:


amazing! I’m gonna be back there (maybe for the last time) next week - will check this out


Would drink there.


Just went to the beer shop just to swap the 2 duplicate northern powerhouse ones (and not spend any more money beer)

And ended up getting a loka polly cos of all you’re chat


Two thumbs up for beer and ice cream :+1:t2::+1:t2::beer::icecream:


Wiper and True Quintet, so good.


Sorry that wasnt meant to be a reply.


It really is. Apparently Waitrose are going to start stocking it? Not seen it yet.


They getting investment from Heineken too?