DiS Beer Wankers 2.0





^beavertown fanboy

Just drinking northern powerhouse with box social dipa one v. Good.


Whats the next brewery to get snapped up?

I reckon… Fourpure.


Wiper and True Milk Shake would have been a more appropriate reply :slight_smile:


Ooooh speculation. I think Cloudwater will form a super brewery with deya, Verdant and northern monk, via crowdfunding and delivery compensation, and buy out inbev

Srs, fourpure are the perfect brewery for this ain’t they. Beer is widely available, and decent enough without being spectacular, and could be viewed as ‘second tier’


Branding is very upper mass market (is that a thing?). Sophisticated, but not OTT. Have a beer that ticks most boxes. Apparently they are quite well backed already, dunno if that’s a factor or not.


Yeah, always think they look well with an average core range (their oatmeal stout is brilliant mind).

Thornbridge is another. Changed from 500ml to 330ml, nice, well set up premises, decent range and solid.


They’re not nearly as well distributed outside Scotland as they are in it, but Fierce seem like an obvious choice. Most of what they do is very very Brewdog (and I think the founders used to work there?), the branding is pretty sharp, and I suspect they have their eyes on that sorta position long-term.


Oooh. What about Redchurch? Already brew stuff for Beavertown so have an ‘in’ with the big guys already…

OMG. I’m never drinking their beer again.


I’m sticking with Heineken. At least they can’t be taken over

Or can they :thinking:


Maybe beavertown are gonna bring them down from inside.


Oooh, a covert guerilla operation




Was living the craft beer life but then ended up in Tenerife and this stuff… I could drink it all day every day. Just dead nice.


any good offies selling wanker beer in north\east london?


Ocean Wine on Essex Road springs to mind, if you’re after an off licence, but Waitrose stocks a lot of wanker beer these days, including Wild Beer Millionaire, which is beautiful and won’t kill you for the following day.
If you want more of a range…
North: Caps and Taps (Kentish Town) is strong but Kris Wines (on York Way) is the absolute bollocks, imo. Got pretty much everything.
East: Clapton Craft (Walthamstow and Upper Clapton Road), Mother Kelly’s (Hackney), Gnarly Vines (Walthamstow).
I’m sure there are plenty of others.


Also @iain, Oddbins will have a decent selection.


Not seen this in any of the Waitrose near me. Only that Nebula which I have been drinking way too much of.


My local has it. Also, that nebula is a nice beer


They’ve got it in Canary Wharf, which is the only big Waitrose I really go to these days.