DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Might try the Clerkenwell one at lunchtime. It’s a small-ish one though.


Yeah, I love it. So nice to be able to pick it up relatively cheaply.


Hearing rumours that the announced pull outs for beavertown extravaganza are just the tip of the iceberg and it may be fully cancelled


Wouldn’t be surprised. Reckon it’s unsustainable with the rate of pull outs. Properly shafted themselves with this takeover


probably swimming round in money like Scrooge McDuck

They took the money the surely knew what was going to happen


Yeah, they’d be crazy not to at this point. Just refund everyone and take the hit, put out a grovelling press release and think about all the lovely money on the horizon.


it was foolish not to have the event before the Heineken announcement.

It’s stupid that other brewers are pulling out now though, despite all the rumours that have been doing the rounds for months. I wonder if they’d have pulled out if it was just rumours when the event came around?


Nah, despite the rumours, they couldn’t make a decision until the news was announced. As me and others have said, if your ethos as a brewer is anti big brewing and independence, then this is the only option to take. Otherwise you are supporting big brewing’s ingress into the independent market.

And they’d have probably stayed in if it wasn’t announced, as Btown would still have been an independent brewer


I think The Veil were the only ones to announce their non participation before the announcement


Beavertown offering refunds


I go to that one and Wandsworth - CW definitely has the better selection. Saw Wild Beer’s lemon one in there the other week!



The beavertown thing is kicking off again because someone on the UK Craft Beer Forum said the staff should have walked out immediately, or something like that.

Anyone a part of that group on Facebook?


Yeah I’m in it (have never posted, just read) and it’s really not as bad as the Beavertown Media person said, sure there’s the odd bit of dickishness, but usually called out as such.

The guy from the forum was clearly out of line but it’s all escalated a bit much.

It’s all gotten a bit embarrassing on the forum though with lots of people being irked by the straight white man comments & nobody is coming off well tbh.


gonna be heading here asap (maybe even pop in after the football tomorrow night)



also getting some pelters here^


christ people are insufferable aren’t they


pretty much aye, it’s equal parts funny and depressing to read


fucking hell

imagine caring that much about craft shitting beer





Wow. Their social media manager is really going for it. Bet her equivalent at Heineken wouldn’t engage with the proles like that.

The ‘white male privilege’ caught me off guard, possibly due to my white male privilege.