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Yeah Heineken’s social media team would only respond as Heineken and probably would just gloss over the post.

She’s got a point tbf. The guy was basically saying that anyone with integrity would just walk out and find a new job. Which is very easy for a white male in the beer industry. Not so easy for a woman to do the same thing and from what I’ve seen, Beavertown employ a lot of women.


why did i look at that page again. these people are cunts. and probably not worth engaging as they’ve already decided not to buy your beer again - not saying beavertown are wasting their time but they’ll be fine in the long run… but still this has really irked me


This man seems very sarky with everything he’s said to anyone there. No wonder she said something to him.


you don’t really need to blur his name, it’s there for all to see :wink:


but more seriously, imagine being as adult who uses the word “n00b”

edit: whoops sorry, was meant to be in reply to @badmanreturns


yeah i did figure that, it’s why i basically gave up half way through ha


This is making me sad

Anyone fancy a heineken?


The guy is a total weapon


Got a couple in the fridge. Ice cold heines :+1:

In other news, thanks to @songforsaturday and @Unlucky. Hand in Falmouth was great. The bottle shop could do with a larger range, or at least I’m used to shops with larger ranges. Maybe the custom isn’t quite there yet. Never got a chance to get in Beerwolf, or to Verdant in the end. Had some nice fish and chips at Harbour lights (2017s best independent chippy)




I actually don’t mind Heineken but I drink about 8 million of them every year over three days at primavera so generally it’s off the menu



Old Brewery Yd, High St, Falmouth TR11 2BY
01326 319888 https://g.co/kgs/UpuVPk


It’s totally fine, as are 74% of mainstream lagers


The reaction to the Beavertown thing has really irked me. Bullshit gatekeeping over a drink. It’s not like Beavertown ever functioned as a radical grass roots DIY brewing collective, they’re a business doing well at being a business progressing to the next step a successful growing business would take.


That sounds fun! First road trip with the family? Hats off. Took me flipping ages to go anywhere when ours arrived.


Yeah, on holiday for the week with the TV’s family just outside Bideford. I’ve always wanted to go to Falmouth, and obviously there’s good beer brewed there. About 2.5hrs drive (including stops for nappy changing and feeding) each way. Was brilliant, Orla was perfect apart from one crying session. We’ve done day trips to Portsmouth from Winchester, but both our families are very close. We’re not too worried about those sorts of things, we just get on with it.


I just enjoy any excuse to post that clip from Catterick.


Having a good night working away in Ipswich


It’s irked me too in various ways. So shitty of people to start engaging with employees and attempting to take them to task. I reminds me of those types who wander into a shop and start “demanding to speak to the manager”.

But it also made me feel sad that employees feel the need to wade in and defend the actions of their bosses. I would never feel compelled to do that for anyone I’ve ever worked for. Probably due to my own cynicism/never having share options, but I just think it should be Logan Plant or the Heineken guys doing that.


Some beer this one