DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Didn’t have any summer beers left so I’ve just had an ice cold Maple Stout instead.


Yep, this is great


I’m so pleased someone else remembers Catterick cuz it’s some of Vic & Bob’s best stuff but I swear down no one has seen it


post/username interface


tremendous patter


Come on England


Picked up a couple of the northern monk/Jw collaboration for Manchester beer week


Sleeping Limes will be a perfect compliment to the saltiness of the game thread.


Belated fathers day thing with my Dad yesterday. He requested a day sat in the Trafalgar in South Wimbledon. :muscle:

I stuck to Quadhop and pints of Paulaner but also had one of these which was quite nice on such a hot day. Very slightly tart and refreshing.


Nothing to really add regarding Beavertown situation that hasn’t already been said.

However, I went Beavertown Extravaganza last year and queued for ages for a pour of a mega rare stout. Was approaching the front when Logan Plant waltzes over, goes straight to the front, gets two (!) glasses of the beer and walks away back to his cool mates.

The guy is pure evil.



Would you not?


Can massively endorse this, had one last night and got a couple more in for today


Brewed in Belgium for a Scottish company, sorry guys :grimacing:


It has stopped me correctly pronouncing tupperware for many years


accidental pride beer


What does the X in XPA stand for?


‘extra’ I believe


Pfft. Extra begins with an ‘e’.


No it doesn’t. Clearly says on that tin “XPA”, so extra starts with an “x”