DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Could be Xtreme


Nice glass


Just swung by Northern monk, lovely spot in the sun


Great innit.


Aye, only stopped for one as had the car, got a few tins though. Was hoping to take a stock of heathen back down south with me tbh but no cans


Really wish I could have gone this year.

I’m thinking an out going to the vegan beer festival in August if you’re interested.


That intersects my interests.


Got hammered in there a few times. TVs mate lived across the river, so was a 5 mins walk away.


Get yoursen to hop city next year.


There’s also beer makes glasgow at drygate




Remind me when that is…


Aye definitely want to, heard they are planning to do Dark City again this year too


Was gonna moan about it being on a Sunday but then realised it’s a bank holiday.


16/17th November


Have an exam in November, think it’s just after then :frowning:


24-26th aug


Going to a beer festival on your own

  • Yeah I’d do that
  • Depends
  • You’ve got a problem mate

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Just drinking one of these lads. Really mixed reviews on untappd - probably because it’s super green and hoppy - but I think it’s about as good a beer as I’ve had this year.