DiS Beer Wankers 2.0





stella tbh


Red Stripe, Heineken, Kronenbourg, Sanny Migs, Tyskie, Bud, Grolsch.

What’s the blue can, bottom left between Stella 4 and Skol?

Edit: oh, Bavaria?


world cup final at Wylam Brewery with my parents it is then. neither of them drink beer but I expect to get royally hammered either way.


Probably Red Stripe. San Miguel as back up if they weren’t cold enough.


Only thing I wouldn’t drink is the Desperados, and these lads…



Tyskie obvs


NM Faith is delicious, somehow managed to have loads of their Patrons without having any of their core range.


All of them probably


Strongbow for me lads


3 litre bottle yeah?


Do you know what…

Many many years ago (as comes up in nostalgic music threads on here sometimes) I ran this festival at KCLSU. I basically didn’t drink all weekend cos, well, I had a lot to do. At about 5pm on Sunday, when I realised that the weekend had gone off pretty well, and all the remaining bands were there and ready to go, I had a pint of lukewarm Strongbow from a 3ltr plastic bottle, served in a plastic pint glass, and it was absolutely delicious.

So… yes :smiley:


Worth it


Even the session one (Eternal?) is pretty good.


Corona (as long as the shop has lime.)


anyone had any experience with the alesbymail mystery boxes? they’re half price atm?


I might get a few wanky beers tonight guys.


Normally out of date or end of line beers. The couple I’ve had have been meh tbh


Nothing really special but


Was dark city with drinks included last year?