DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Pohjala :+1:


Win or lose we’re on the booze

I saw ‘we’, I mean ‘me’ as my wife is out and i’m in with the gaffer. Started on the Moor So’Hop - really nice clean drinking and like the idea (there’s a series with the same base recipe but slightly different hop combos. Or something - the guy started explaining I just nodding).


Doubt it, hop city wasn’t, tokens ain’t it.


Nope it’s £45 a ticket


Having a world cup bang on this


Ooft that’s steep, paid 40 for edinburgh one though.



Oof that’s a lot of ‘free’ samples

Bit annoying as won’t be able to persuade any casuals to go


Don’t know whether I trust myself or not. Tried to get a flight home after a Copenhagen beer celebration session because my bed was uncomfortable at the Airbnb. No recollection of it


I’m at Wylam right now! Cheers!


That looks great. Pretty civilised!


I’m rather jealous.


Tempting fate watching the football with this Wylam.


I’m having a Beerbibliotek Chilli Black IPA. I may be biased given the context but it’s really nice.


It’s incredibly rowdy now (in a good way)


oh no


gonna have an 11% beer lads


Leave the ambulance alone.


I’m having the M&S Grapefruit Lucky Jack @rich-t.

I like it.


I’d be interested to hear what you thought about the Luponic Plague. Had one on the weekend and for the first 1/3 I thought it was maybe the best IPA I’d had all year. And then the hop-burn began…