DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Oh, shit. Yeah - thought I recognised the can from somewhere… Not had it yet. Don’t think I’ve experienced hop burn before. Not to my knowledge anyway.


I reckon the can I had could just have done with a couple more weeks in the can or something? I know we’re supposed to be all about drinking things super-fresh nowadays, but by the end it was a bit like drinking a hop smoothie.


This intrigues me. New Trappist brewery, and it’s English


U in BV m8?


On twitter. Wanted to pop down but no chance too atm


Picked one of these up the other day for £2.70! Seems great value.


I really didn’t like this. Did about half a can and ended up tipping the rest away, which is rare for me. Reminiscent of grapefruit juice. Tasted like it was going to give me indigestion.


Look at that sediment/hop


Yeah, pretty acidic right? I drank the whole thing but almost out stubbornness more than anything else.


I had a can of Cloudwater and a selection of lagers sat in the fridge, otherwise I probably would have soldiered on.


Going to plough through these over the weekend. Looking forward to the Stone Neapolitan one in particular - rare to find one that doesn’t contain lactose so I’ve missed out on the ice cream beer hype over the last couple of years. Will probably hate it and wonder why that whole thing was so popular.








I might try and pop in Sunday morning. If not I’ll try and get into the beer musketeer on Albert road in Southsea on Sunday at some point.


I got some of that Maui stuff last weekend, but they fell out my bag onto the floor so I’ve been putting off pulling the ring pull. Let me know what you think.


LHG have just released a Simcoe version of More Glow and it’s excellent! The same artwork as well.


Enjoyed the Edelstoff! Got some regular ones too. Should have done a more detailed taste comparison but ended up getting a bit pissed


The crying monk does not look like he enjoys lager beer hell.


best pub