DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



@nestor lives in here I think


@nestor if you’re about I’m the sunburnt bloke on my own reading a book with a delicious pint of Hickey the Rake


The pineapple mana is good, smells like a really dry European wheat beer and has a good hit of pineapple without it being overwhelming. Would drink again.


Just got in and seen this! You still there?

Can see you from my window :wave:


Any especially worthwhile brewery tours in Amsterdam? In English ideally or I’ll miss all the interesting details …

Also any good craft bar recs are appreciated :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed the Heineken experience, and now they’re a craft brewery, they should have Beavertown on tap :wink:

Honestly, it was fun, but not everyone’s cuppa


I’ve only ever done the Brooklyn one before, and they’re hardly the most indie operation either - so might give Hein a try


I’m still here! Drop me a PM if you fancy a beer


Best one I’ve done is Fuller’s, only because there were 2 of us on the tour and it was the guide’s last shift. Had about 10 pints and unsurprisingly forgot everything.

Have also done the halve maan in Bruges a couple of times which is lovely


The first one I ever did was Youngs, when they still had the farm out the back. I got butted by a :goat:


Sly half of this at lunch. Very nice.


There’s a lot of very nice Brighton Biers about (and quite a few average ones). My favourite is Freshman, which they used to do in cans, but sadly I haven’t seen any about in ages


I’m going to the Oxted Beer Festival on Saturday, it’s about as middle class as you can imagine. But they’ve got some good beers.



any b-wankers got any recs for Budapest? besides the usual ruin bars and so on


Léhűtő, Élesztő and Jónás Craft Beer House were decent. Found them all on a list the Guardian did years ago. Didn’t try any of the others.


Not come across them before. That was really nice though.


I’ve had quite a few of their beers, if you’re ever in Brighton the Brighton Bierhaus is worth a visit.


That’s a really nice beer list. As progressive as the Lewes Beer Festival I went to the other week, which had plenty of craft on the list too. I’m glad that beer festivals are doing this, despite the CAMRA vote about not supporting craft a few months back.


Really? Do some really good pales and IPAs. Big fan. Also one of the best pubs in Brighton imo


The guy who runs my local beer shop in Oxted is involved in the beer selections this year. They’ll be a few more craft beers not on that list I’m sure.