DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I had as part of my new beers in Tryanuary this year. It was fairly nice, but it wasn’t life changing or anything to write home about especially.


It’s not the best beer in the world, but it’s definitely closer to the Pilsner Urquell / Augustiner end of the lager spectrum than the Stella / Fosters end of the spectrum.


mm, never been particularly impressed by anything Camden have done, but maybe I’ll give it another try.


Agreed. It was a nice lager, it just wasn’t the big deal that everyone made it out to be.


Had a milk stout with milk stout ice cream last night.
Pretty pleased with how it turned out. You wouldn’t know its beer ice cream unless you were told, its kind of caramely with a bit of bitterness.


I actually did a Camden Hells and an Augustiner back to back and I think Camden have done a really good job of doing a Munich-style Helles. Nice and pale, with a really crisp subtle taste.

Kind of sounds like I’m waxing lyrical about it and I don’t think its the greatest thing ever, but so many UK lagers have something weird about their taste, or the brewer will try and put a kind of twist on it, and I really don’t want that. This is great because it’s so… simple. Feels like you’re quaffing San Pellegrino, which is what I love about the likes of Augustiner, Paulaner Hells etc.


it’s a glowing endorsement right enough, guess I’ll have to re-assess (but then I work in a place that sells Augustiner and not camden so also probably not :wink: )


Haha, yeah. Given the choice, it’s going to be Augustiner every single time, but if you’re in Sainsburys and picking from the usual suspects then it’s going to be Camden for me from now on.


It seems to be cropping up in a certain type of pub where it is definitely the best option.


New cloudwater tap


how is it? can’t make it down for a couple of weeks. would expect it to be more rammed


Have you tried Lukas by Thornbridge? There’s a couple of Thornbridge in my local Tesco but not sure if this is available in supermarkets.

It absolutely blew me away when I first tried it and could easily drink it by the bucket load. Closest I’ve tried to Augustiner/Tegenseer.

I’ll give Camden a go again soon as I haven’t had anything by them in ages.


Nice vibe. Not Mega rammed I think it being open wed-Sunday will help the crowds


I have, but not for a while… I’ll give it another go. I think Waitrose might do it.


Spent the afteroon wandering around Tunbridge Wells and bought this.


very jealous


I’ve only got 2 left a sour and stout. Both the ipas are good.


I might go through them in numerical order starting with the Buxton imperial stout.


I just drank them in order of what I expected to like best. The stout has milk or honey in it so might give it away.


Can you give it to me?

I have walked for hundreds of years in the desert looking for the stout of milk or honey.