DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Was this from The Beer Boutique on Mount Pleasant Road? I went in this afternoon to pick up a few tins. I was talking to the bloke in there and he was trying to sell me the last one of these that they had in stock - the penultimate one having been sold a few minutes earlier.


If the sour is the magic rock one it’s great.


Woah. It was.


What time were you in there?


I’m not sour man so would probably give thst away too but may drink it now


There’s a premise for a romantic comedy here…


Their hands met as they both reached for the last box of a limited edition series of craft ales

The pursuit of hoppyness


Erm, I’d been down to The Pantiles for the vintage fair (and a pint), and stopped off at the beer shop on the way back. Maybe 3:30ish.

It’s a great little shop.

This is the first of what I picked up this afternoon:

Got this next:


So there’s our two romantic leads.

Who gets to be the sidekick?


You, of course


Ok - I had a late lunch in the cafe opposite the bandstand in the pantiles around 3. Walked around Tunbridge Wells quite a bit. Originally we went to the drum shop to buy a new snare but it seems to have turned into an ironmongers.


What?!? Milk stout is DELICIOUS!

Get some Wiper & True milk shake - that should change your mind!


Too bitter.

The blonde’s best friend needs to be really sour and the hep cat’s mate needs to be really sweet and interesting but ultimately undrinkable.


Milk isn’t the most vegan friendly ingredient though, is it?


predictably this is the name of a (very nice) beer:


I try to stay off dairybook.


Ah, I thought it was being discounted on account of its sweetness - the non dairy thing passed me by. Apols.


Ah nah I do not mind the sweetness. Big fan of cbs for example.


I meant to add, I don’t think it was the last box. Well it was the last box on the table, but he offered to get me a chillled box from the fridge. Reckon he’s got an unlimited supply, hopefully its not a box of bricks.


A box of cheap laptop computers.