DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



There was only the box in the fridge left when I went in. It was my wife that noticed it, and she only pointed it out because Wylam is near where she grew up (cue the fella trying to sell me the last box).


This is sour as all hell mates. Good tho


£13 squids on 2 beers :grimacing:


I can confirm the box did not contain bricks. The imperial stout was fantastic and did not taste like a 10.5% beer.


Has anyone tried the Sour & Salt beers? This one was pretty good, nice and sour with a kind of saltiness that lingers on your lips after.


Not tried the beers. But went to kill the cat when I was in London was dead good.


Yeah it’s cool in there and they have such a good selection. I had this too:


Really wish I’d acquired a glass now.


Oooh I’ve not had this but I have a lower alcohol version (below 3% I think) and it was lovely! Same design but a blue label…


This one was only 2.7% but was very tasty.


Guys, just shut the thread down - this is the beer of beers. No need for further discussion.


Ah! Turns out I had a pink grapefruit one. With a blue label. Lovely stuff.


This strikes me as something @Witches would be all over.


Had a couple of bottles of this in Portugal last week. Would definitely beer again


Really rate this - very summery IPA with a bit of mango and pineapple taste.


Copy cat.


They did a really nice rhubarb saison a few years ago with Melissa Cole called Siberia which is fairly craft I suppose. Not sure if they still do it.


Anybody still going to the Beavertown thing then? Volunteering the Friday and drinking the Saturday if anybody else is.


I got a full refund and about million indie points for doing so too


Had a Magic Rock Human Cannonball and a Buxton Snap Gate last night.

Human cannonball - very meh and entirely forgettable.

Snap gate - well nice.