DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



any LME beer wanks doing LCBF then? We have a couple events going on for it at our bar including Lervig takeover and the official afterparty!


Not doing teh festival this year, but was planning to come through for the Lervig tap takeover. Looking forward to Against The Grain @ Earl of Essex too!


I’m going in…,


Very nice! The beers are pricey, but the food is weirdly reasonably priced, especially considering how good it is!


Got some L&G Keller Pils in a can. Perfect crispy boi for a hot evening.


Pabst blue ribbon for me


Legal and general?


Nice. Lost & Grounded. Maybe the best UK lager?


Where you getting that from?


Sainos and/or Tesco


I wish I had big stores near me. There’s a whole world of beers being stocked out there I never get to see.


Some of the metros stock bottles of the stuff.


Of PBR? I didn’t even know if came in bottles. I’ve had it in the states - it’s an easy drinking beer. Probably wouldn’t have it over any widely available Euro lager though.


Really? I find it bang average.


Yeah. Makes a nice change to my normal choice of Estrella/bath sulis/moretti


Speaking of which, anybody seen those tins of vice lager they’re selling in Tesco? Old blue last or something


Haven’t had it but saw it being advertised on Facebook not long ago. “A collaboration between VICE Media and AB-InBev” according to Untappd.


Had a big bottle of Estella in the park last Friday lunchtime. Was delightful. Might do it again tomorrow.


Not seen that near me… The specialist beer shop (sadly now closing) sold it so used to get it from there.

Speaking of PBR, started playing about with something a while ago but abandoned it. For an enamel pin badge. Wasn’t really working but might revisit.


The perfect size when you’re just having one. Do like Estrella.