DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Old Blue Last is their pub in Shoreditch so guess they went with the same name. I have seen it somewhere but can’t remember where…


Have picked up a bottle from a metro in Bournemouth before. Maybe they’re only available in the big ones now.


The absolute massive tezzas near me has a load of new stuff, will it all be later? Seems overly priced if so.


Future Oasis album title


honestly, hands down, one of the worst beers i’ve ever had. and that’s not just coming from me - all the lads in the office who will always choose Budweiser over any kind of crafty literally poured cans of OBL down the sink when we got some in the office.

i find it really weird - it’s basically just the run off from Bud as far as I can tell? it seems counter intuitive as you’d think they’d want to at least attempt to make a nice beer, but i guess it’s just using a ‘cool’ brand to sell absolutely garbage beer


i’ve seen bottles of PBR over here sometimes but it’s 4.8% which is about 1% weaker than in the states, and the only reason i ever drank it when i lived in canada because it was the cheapest, strong-ish beer (i.e. not a ‘light’ beer)

EDIT: i’ve just done some googling before i clicked post and it turns out i was drinking pabst ‘strong’ this whole time thinking it was standard PBR. huh.


this isn’t right either it turns out - i was definitely drinking standard looking PBR cans. I am absolutely certain it was 5%+ though. hmm. gonna do more ‘research’ (instead of doing work)


i’m sure you’re all waiting with bated breath…


This is exciting


US beers often seem to have different ABV when they’re brewed here, I guess it’s to do with the levels of taxation beers of different strengths get.

Bud Light is 4.2% in the US, the UK version is 3.5%.


This is really terrible writing

I saw it an Asda in Edinburgh a few weeks ago. I don’t think there’s actually any mention of Vice on the can? I was also convinced at the time they’d been selling an OBL-branded beer at the OBL for years, but maybe not in light of that shlock above.


yeah that’s what i assumed but it seems like they may have also reduced the strength of it in the US now as well? hmm… still on the trail…


nah the OBL has always just had Trumans Runner on cask and then a load of shit beers on tap - never had it’s own until this. it’s one of the reasons i always hated the place so much but now it’s even worse.


They’ve always been pretty contrarian and young. I don’t think a serious craft beer fits their demographic as it’s probably seen as a bit fuddy duddy. They want something people will just down at gigs. I’d imagine they’re competing with Red Stripe, or PBR in the states.


Oh. Just read that article. Gose-influenced. Maybe I’m talking shite.


Misread that as bath salts and thought , rich t knows how to bring the party


I know times are hard with baby stuff, but I’m not stooping that low yet


Didn’t realise that I assumed it would be a lager. I’m actually kind of intrigued to try it now?


it is a lager. a really really shit lager.


Oh. Not sour or gose-like?