DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



not even close, i honestly have no idea what they’re talking about. although i guess everyone might as well try it and report back if it’s cheap as i don’t wanna seem like i have some massive vendetta against vice or whatever - if it was good i’d drink it.


£7 for a 6 pack, so not even cheap


problem solved! lol


I can only imagine what a pleasant place the Old Blue Last must be on a sweltering Friday evening when they’re giving out free beer.



Nice glass of OJ :wink:


Warpigs pro-tip; Bottles quite often work out cheaper than draft


Is there any scope for a beer wanker meet?


Cuz i know the perfect venue…


if you guys can provide a DiScount …


Skipped the Estrella because the Tesco fridge was broken (great timing fellas) ended up grabbing this from a corner shop because I hadn’t had it before. Tastes like a faded Punk. Meh.


Would need to speak to @blind_pilot but I’m sure something could be arranged :wink:


I’d be interested but I think it might happen at the wrong end of the country to make it practical…


One shot thing for me as I’ve got a possible weekend free. So 29th September would be the date and somewhere relatively southern for me, sorry @keith so…

  • London
  • Brighton
  • Other
  • Fuck off m9

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Could probably make it to really north London. Say Strathbungo?


Can you make it multi vote?


Not atm, but maybe somebody could


sorry, would come if i was in the country that weekend!


Let’s try again

Saturday 29th September

  • London
  • Brighton
  • Other (pls stipulate)
  • Fuck off m9

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just popped to ‘The Experiment’ on my todd after work to try the Verdant x KCBC collab - lovely as expected. such a cool place this.