DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I would deffo up for it.


Hmm not London. Though I would to do the bermondsey beer mile sometime.


At the new cloudwater bar lads


Enjoy - what are the prices like?


The ABV is the price too.


Everything is £3 iirc




Much more tart or tangy or something than these type of DIPAs tend to be - not nearly as sweet as Infinity Vortex or Fruit Car Sight for example. Nice though!


Good news guys. I finally have a glass that will fit a 440ml can into it!


Yee everything’s £3


Lovely and clean too!


How’s that new version of that beer?


Nice. Not quite as orangey, but still a big citrus hit. I got a couple of them, a couple of their new NE IPA, and two of an American Pale Ale that I hadn’t seen any mention of before I went into the shop.


Ah, went to Arundel? Did you get in the taproom?


Nah, just the shop. We’d spent a few hours at the castle so we had a hot, tired toddler, so didn’t have too much time. I’ll have to go back at some point though. I thought the taproom was a long way off opening? Or was the crowdfunding for improvements?


For some thing with edgecumb coffee I think. Taproom has been open for about 4 months.


You not got any pint glasses? :wink:


Time to get drunk off one can. Triple dry hop triple ipa :grimacing: Cheers dis :beers:


Balls. I’m at a 50th bday thing on the 29th.


Finally made it to The Hope last night @ynot!

Loads of nice cask stuff too including a cask version of Tiny Rebel’s Stay Puft.

Feel pretty rancid today.