DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I went to London Craft Beer Festival yesterday and had a great time.

I had two 12% imperial stouts in very quick succession at the start of the evening and was worried I needed to pace myself more so I decided to then have a 3% raspberry and thyme sour which was soon logically followed with a 12% barleywine. My body this morning is grateful for this decision making.

Probably one of my favourite beers of the night was Biere de Saison Crab Apple by Kernel which was really complex and interesting. Kernel are absolute kings in mixed fermentation saisons. Also, I had two beers from UK breweries I’ve never heard of before. I had an incredible keller lager from Braybrooke in Leicestershire and a really nice bretted IPA from Land & Labour in Galway - both very accomplished for two tiny breweries. Unsure if they bottle much, but I’ll be keeping my eyes out for them.


Lovely day for a trip to Carshalton.


I used to live just round the corner from the Hope, and it used to be a crap old mans pub in my day. Can you still get a decent pint of Pride in the Railway?


I’ve not been there in years. Normally it’s The Hope, the Sun or the Greyhound,

I work in Wallington, so it’s usually just for a quick lunchtime pint or occasionally after work drinks.

So many good pubs though.


My sister still lives nearby and she loves The Sun too, which again was properly ropey twenty years ago. Shows how useful any local knowledge I might have had is these days!


It’s great! The guy who runs it also runs The Trafalgar which is near me. It’s community owned, but don’t know when that happened… Must have been before 2010 though.

It’s just a bit difficult to get to from where I live. Pretty close as the crow flies, but the train I get goes in massively indirect loop so takes about half an hour. Glad I finally got to visit. Will definitely be back.


This was banging


Pretty sure it was around 2008 or 2009. It was going to be sold to developers I believe.

I’ll probably be heading to the Hope on the 18th, I’m planning on watching Carshalton Atheltic v Kingstonian.


Think it was a similar situation with The Traf. I wasn’t aware as had only just moved to the area, but there was talk of it closing until the locals took it over.


Yeah, public transport round Sutton is rubbish. There’s probably a fairly ok way with a couple of buses, but because it’s not Wimbledon or Croydon it’s really badly served.


Drank four tins of Sainsbury’s Crown lager yesterday. £2.75! Got me lightly tipsy. Best value drinking experience I’ve had in years.


nice glass :thinking:


cheers mate, dunno how it ended up in my cupboard. but here we are.


On Saturday I’m going to Fulham v Palace, and we were thinking of heading to a pub around Barnes (probably the Youngs or Fullers pubs) . Any better recommendations?


Don’t know south of the river very well; but White Horse in Parson’s Green is the only full fledged beer wanker place I know around there. Lots of half decent Fuller’s pubs around, you just about get out of entirely Greene King territory by Putney Bridge


Bricklayer’s Arms, just over Putney Bridge (south) used to be great. Was a real CAMRA favourite, mostly cask ales and cider. Not been in a few years though.

Also, Drink of Fulham is fairly near the ground. It’s a bottle shop but you can drink outside. Have some great beers there and they also sell really nice samosas. Was in there yesterday actually and we drank our beers in Bishops Road Park. Really nice round there.

And +1 for The White Horse. It’s pretty much impossible to get into when Chelsea are at home. Not sure about Fulham.


Longshot last minute advice question - anyone know any good pubs by Loughborough Junction?


Stormbird up the road in Camberwell Green, is one of the best pubs in London. Craft Brixton or Ghost Whale (bottle shop with a few taps) are about the same distance the other way. The Sun of Camberwell is closer, but only decent, not as crafty as the others.

Crown & Anchor on Brixton Road is only a 15 min walk too.


Cheers, need to kill about 30 minutes or so, so will see how my legs feel in a bit!


Did a google streetview wander round the station… a lot of handsome ex-pubs :frowning: