DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Hope so


Yeah, might be a bit of a chore if you’re in somewhere and fancy something different? The Cloudwater place for example didn’t have any guest beers.


That’s at the actual brewery though.

I’m sure northern monk will have guests on


There will always be a mix I’d imagine, but I think places operated by breweries are great in a city. Somewhere like the Northern Quarter, it’s fine if it’s Northern Monk only as if you fancy a pint of something else you’re spoilt for choice. Really encourages a bit of an explore.


Aye…nice enough town (local to me) but surprisingly little on the crafty front…there is a decent though quite pricey craft beer shop (Inn at Home) at the top of the high street…that’s about it that I can think of…I’m from Woking though and there is zilch here


Yeah nipped into Inn at home, but it’s an uninspired range really


True…compared with most places but in this part of Surrey it qualifies as an option…

Long shot but seeing as you are well travelled BW, do you know what the situation in Weymouth is like?..heading there on hols…zero expectations and going to be taking bottles and cans down but interested if there is any where to purchase or a bar…


Not been for 5yrs or so, but I remember it being poor. There’s an M&S I think. There’s also a pizza place called ‘The Stable’ (they’re a chain in the SW, specialising in cider, but have some beery options, and the pizza is good). There’s a Brewhouse and Kitchen in Dorchester which is a good beer option, and its not too far on the train


Yeah this. Weymouth is an absolute fucking hellhole. I hope you can make it to Dorch at least for a few hours respite.
The Brewhouse is excellent plus there’s a wanker place called The Convivial Rabbit (or something like that anyway) which was decent when I went last year.


And there’s a taproom at the Dorset Brewing Company (not bad traditional beer tbf) which seems ok.


I’m in the Lyric for the first time and this is easily the best beer pub in Soho - Track, Odyssey, Kernel, Harvey’s, Big Smoke, loads of good stuff and seemingly reasonably priced (£5.50 a pint of Odyssey Mosaic pale) - fucking awful loud music, mind.


Thanks to you both for your tips…a friend was also negative about Weymouth…oh well too late…weather should be ok at least…I like Dorchester - will try and plan an escape there…




Won’t be driving so will be keeping it local…though we’ll probably take a breezer bus to Bournemouth on one of the days to see friends there .thanks again


Yes - definitely! It’s something to do with The Antelope, right? Hence all the Big Smoke? Me and my wife popped in a few weeks back when it was about 32° out and it was so unbearably hot in there we had to leave after a half.


Got angry at work yesterday and needed some fried chicken and beer, so went to Brewdog (it’s close and it was pissing down with rain, ok?). Had a half of Hazy Jane and it was actually very nice. Ended up getting a 4-pack to take home.


I’m going to have a couple of hours to kill in Canterbury tomorrow afternoon. I thought that I’d give this place a go:


Some of the beer graphics are a little ‘brexity’ but otherwise the place looks nice. Don’t suppose any one has been before?


oh really? i didn’t know that but it makes a lot of sense - they had big smoke on keg and cask and i very nearly said to one of the bar staff how i know someone who works for that brewery - should’ve done!


Well, I always see them mention the Lyric on Twitter and maybe just jumped to a incorrect conclusion… But I swear I read something about them being related. Maybe not. Anyway, nice to have a place like that in Soho.


Best go get these on the way home