DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



And a free bag


This can looks like all my t shirts.


I recognise that green plastic bag anywhere. :heart:️ Bitter Virtue


just shared this with a mate - it was… sour


Ooh Three Floyds! That’s just over the state line, nearish to the wonderfully named Gary, Indiana. Art work on the tins is often the best thing about them tbh.


pic of a half drunk glass of IPA

Just having some cloudwater for the first time in ages. Everyone was being far too enthusiastic about them for my liking, and then there was that fuck up with the deliveries, but this DDH IPA Citra is delicious.


Lambics are where it’s at.

But they’re So expensive over here and most of the best ones don’t make it out of Belgium


off to belgium next week, looking forward to lots of beer. stella over there innit?


Maes or juplier m9

Where you off to?


just two nights, one in brussels then one in brugges, assuming ryanair don’t cancel my flights. looking forward to it


So want to go back to Brugges. Great beering there.


yeah my mate who’s well into sours bought 3 bottles of lambic for £80!!! and as I’m the only other person he knows who properly ‘likes’ beer I get to share them. giving him the lion’s share though obvs.


Had a few ATG beers in the States a couple of years ago, just cos I liked the cans. They were very good, not super hype worthy though. Feels a bit like when Interboro and Half Acre came to UK, all the shops acted like it was a huge deal but I don’t think any of them are really outstanding.


Remember being in Cafe rose red in Brugges and 3 Americans spending €460 on 4 bottles of lambic beer


That magic rock micro machine is pretty good.


Sup lads


Looks right shit m9

Hope yr having a blast


Glasses at a music festival ?


Yeah Danes can be trusted :wink:


This place is alright. Their Itzamna chocolate vanilla porter is ruddy lovely.