DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Weather has turned shite but I had a pint of beer geek breakfast for 7.50 so it’s not all bad


Local Bottle shops got keg lines now


Went here for the first time the other day. Lovely place


Yeah it’s a good little spot. Approx 50 steps from my front door

Ade and Eve that run it are sound.


No Beavertown boycott in this house:


How’s your heiny?


Not as fizzy as normal Heiny, and certainly more flavoursome. Would recommend.


I had the Beavertown/Mikkeller collab earlier - was lovely.


Did a very hilly bike ride through Kent yesterday, stopping along the way to drink some pretty boring beers. On my ride home from London Bridge station I stopped off in Tooting to get something with a bit of zing. This fit the bill nicely. Nice big can too.


Check this badboy out. Aldi newcy brown ripoff.


That is so blatant, I love it.


Here’s a good looking beer list for a festival. Must makes plans for this. (Brighton-centric)


Saw a fairly blatant rip off of Punk in
Lidl recently but this is way more even than that was.


You know we belong together…


Hej :wave:


This is the newish airport bar FYI, it’s very nice!


Lol and my flight is delayed an hour and a half I’m gonna get druuuuuunk


I tried to check the strength of PBR last night, it’s not printed on the tins!! Bar tender told me it’s 4.7%, but who knows.

PBR is almost always the best value watery domestic. You can usually get a tallboy and a shot for $5. There’s also Hamms and Schlitz, both of which have really pleasant artwork/logos and may be slightly nicer. Last time I was in Notts one of the wanky new bars was selling small tins for £5 alongside actual nice beer for the same price - utterly baffling.


One of my favourite US holiday things is sitting at bar and getting ruined on boilermakers.


In early stage planning for our regular BW mates meet up. We’ve done towns and cities all over, but have got stuck doing Manchester, mainly due to all the great places in close proximity.

Anyone done a BW City break in the UK recently? We’re considering Leeds, York or maybe even just staying in London.