DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Gutted I missed this. Easily fill my monthly beer wanker quota


Absolute steal


ooft, where’s this. right looks like morrisons stickers


It’s a petrol station with a mighty selection of beers… never bought any fuel


I believe it’s free delivery to anywhere in the UK if you spend £45 or over


:smiley: :smiley: !


wow that’s good, given how mental it is it probably won’t taste any different either :smiley:


good this, both beer and cause


Had a half of Buxton Clawtrack at lunch and it was right nice. Given me a taste now though, so going to stop off at We Brought Beer on my way home.


Best before is this month so should be fine


Aye should be sound, kept cold I hope?


Yeah, well I hope took it out their fridge so I assume so


Aye you’ll be sound en, enjoy!


I did enjoy. Lovely murk bomb


On that Evil Twin Every Day, Once a Day… for the third time. God it’s good!


How much for a pint?


If it was my bar, thrupnny bit


Oh this is a good boy. Very bourbony. Love it


*it’s not a bar


My Joe Roberts Siren delivery arrived.


V good also