DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



For a while last year or maybe the one before Siren could do no wrong… then I had Liquid Mistress and it put me off. Also, every big %age they did after seemed dodgy…


Not all of their beers are for me, but when they’re good they’re great.


I don’t think I’ve loved any of the ones I’ve had but I feel like this is my chance to understand what I’m missing.

Also, I’m a proper sucker for a discount code.


@rob.orch and @keith feel the same. Decent enough but not really THAT good


One of the most solid core ranges out of the big boys of UK brewing. Couple of iffy releases but generally up there with the best when they’re firing imo. But I see a lot of their beers down here so I would say that.


Had a half of this last weekend, it’s really good. Didn’t particularly rate Gipsy Hill for the longest time but they’ve really stepped their game up this year - pretty much everything I’ve had by them recently has been excellent.


every post is now someone saying different breweries are overrated - what have we become!!!


Wankers, it’s in the title


If Siren made Ten Dollar Shake a core beer, I would drink it every week. Fucking loved that beer. And Broken Dream is a classic too.


TDS is probably the best they’ve produced. But produced with B****** innit. For a core range, Under Current, Sound Wave, Broken Dream and Liquid Mistress is hard to beat imo.

And they take some of the credit to get the UK scene to where it is right now.


kudos…I very rarely see a BW supping from an artistically designed can either on public transport or walking the streets…I’ve been known to do it myself…but even in Brighton or the canal paths or parks of London its a lesser spotted sight…I always feel a bit wrong supping a double figure % imp stout or similar in such an environment but nothing wrong about it really…


He only drank it on the train because I brought it for him so I will take all that kudos.


Hope you checked it in to Untappd


Calypso :heart:


I didn’t but I tasted it so will now (was too fruity)




“I walk around with my shoulders down screaming”


All the kudos belongs to you.




Purchased some beers.