DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Siren Yu Lu - it was OK. Definitely not the best tea flavoured IPA I’ve had but decent enough.


I’ve had that on draft a few times in crappy pubs and it’s a great <4% beer


I am comparing it to stronger and tastier beers.

Maybe I’m being too harsh.


Best supermarket can I’ve had in ages


Which supermarket?


Picked up as many of these as I could carry when they were in my local mozzas. Unreasonably good for a supermarket beer.


I’ve got got back from 5 days in Kraków and their brewing/craft beer scene is in rude health. So many bars with a long list of ipa/neipa/dipas to choose from. They don’t seem to make the same distinctions with price either. The beer is all set at the same price regardless of abv. Cheap as chips too m8s.


Morrison’s. Four of them and four Northern Nonk New World IPAs for a tenner


Gonna pop in and get some of them today I reckon. Nice tip.


let me know how what are the odds? is. We have it at the bar but fuck it’s pricey


It’s very good… That was the second time I’ve had it. Gave it a 4.5 on Untappd first time around, and would stand by that rating after last night.


that’s what I feared :wink:

might campaign for it to be a staff training beer :smiley:


I’m still annoyed with Magic Rock for switching all their limiteds to 500ml cans. Means they’re always so expensive.


Went to north brewery yesterday was super busy.

The hit the north neipa had just gone off :frowning: had to have the brut one, which was pretty good though.


Northern Monk was nice. Not had the 8 Wired one yet.


Heard yesterday that M&S aren’t going to be selling Magic Rock anymore, which means all the cans of Inhaler, High Wire and Salty Kiss are discounted at the mo’.


Wouldn’t be surprised, but I haven’t heard that, yet. But then winter floorplans are coming down and that’s the most up to date info I can get my hands. I’ll check Tuesday


Yeah, silly when most of these are 7/8%.

Was at the experiment yesterday and was only £3.15 a half of what are the odds? Great place that. Always looks pretty busy when I’m there and hope it stays forever


Having an ice cream sort of evening. The Fierce is insanely creamy, like a big NEIPA with extra lactose. The Siren could do with more coffee punch at the end but still delicious :+1:


was there yesterday as well - what a place. really please that pressure drop are having a bit of a resurgence through it, a lot of their newer beers are really great (hazy coalition is a recent favourite, need to try more Boxcar)