DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Yeah same. They were really at the forefront 4/5 years ago when I moved to London. Glad they’re upping their game again


Heard some whisperings in Ilkley that m&s might be starting to stock ilkley brewery stuff.

Also @rich-t


Think we do Mary Jane already, but only in the large stores


I can heartily recommend the Dark Starr / Unbarred Unreal NEIPA.

Tasted more like an Unbarred beer than a Dark Star beer to me, but that’s probably because Unbarred are the more likely of the two to do an NEIPA. Glad I picked up two cans from Bison yesterday.


Didn’t get much of the IPA aspect, but was a real good sour all the same - don’t often see them at that sort of percentage either, packs a punch!


I don’t have this one but I have another of their recent small batch dark sours (7% I think) waiting in my fridge in Edinburgh.

Going to Porty at the weekend for the art walk, hopefully pick one of these up at Beer Zoo!

Did you get their Blood of Nidhoggr sour from the North Sea Bridges? So so nice.


Yeah I’m going to get that one sometime, just couldn’t resist the LHG collab first! That was the black sour right? Definitely the most interesting of the 6 and probably my second fav after one of the DIPAs


I had the Flame Out, the Black Isle / Dry & Bitter DIPA, which I thought was really good. Didn’t make it back for any of the others sadly.

Looking at my untapped I apparently also had Fierce’s Three Nelsons sour when I was up last week (at Ushers - did you see they got kicked out with only two days notice?) and that was also really good :+1:


Spending a night in Birmingham for work next week. Any recommendations in the city centre?

(Or I’ll just go to Brewdog)


went to purecraft and the post office vaults last time I was there, both were good. food was decent at purecraft too


I haven’t been in years, but I really liked The Wellington when I went a few years back to watch the Hammers. We ended up with a load of Villa fans in The Old Joint Stock which was a nicely done Fullers place. Both right near the station.



My craft beer wanker cousin was seconded to Brum for ages, he spent all his time in Tilt.


Fucking love the Experiment. Never to busy, not full of cunts. Very rare to find Verdant on top many other places so really cool to have loads of them there at affordable prices.

I’ve always wondered why Pressure Drop aren’t bigger. Great branding, reliably tasty core offering (Bosko >>> Gamma Ray) and interesting collabs/limited releases. Love going up to the main brewery in Tottenham too were everything is £2.50.


Tilt, PO Vaults and Cotteridge Wines if you can get out there


I think they were just limited by size for a long time, so missed the boat while a lot of other London breweries rustled up a lot of investment and grew. They had some quality control issues along the way as well, but when they’re on form, they’re class.


I’m a bit bored. What are your ‘go to’ beers at the retail big lads? The ones you’ll always stick in the basket first. Maybe we can hip each other to something we may have ignored on a Saturday Big Shop.

Waitrose - Wild Beer Co Nebula
M&S - Paulaner Münchner Hell
Morrisons - Bad Co Boston Tea Party (thanks @nestor!)
Sainsburys - Drygate Orinoco Stout
Sainsburys Local - Camden Hells (they have very little else at our one)
Tesco - Stone IPA
Coop - Vocation Left & Death
Budgens - only been once but they had Hop Back Crop Circle

Don’t have an ASDA, Aldi or Lidl near me.


Bud Light


Man I still really need to go!


I haven’t and it’s unlikely I will under my own volition so if anyone fancies a mini meet up…


Wouldn’t say no that weekend at the end of September…