DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I always Vocation’s Life & Death at Tesco, lovely fruit salad vibes. Its usually on the 3 for £5 offer so at 6.5% it’s kinda dangerous.

M&S is Four Pure’s IPA or Magic Rock.

Used to always get Lagunitas at Morrisons but it’s so variable in quality now that I never buy it anymore.


Waitrose - Nebula/Weihenstephaner Dunkle
M&S - our branded citra/mosaic beers
Morrisons - not somewhere I go as the nearest one is 20 miles away
Sainos - Drygate Orinoco
Sainos local - again, nearest one is miles away
Tesco - Bath Sulis
Tesco Express - Vocation Yakima Pils
Co-op - Vocation L&D
Budgens - never ever been on one.
Aldi - Rhinebacher
Lidl - whatever I fancy from their range
ASDA - not been in one for ages, but Estrella or something


Booking to go on this in October -


Will it be…

  • A nice way to drink some beerz with some ATDs
  • Full of sandal wearing CAMRA douchebags complaining that most beer is too cold these days and the bubbles burn their tongues
  • Both of those things
  • Neither of those things and an awful way to be trapped on a train for three hours with beer of varying quality
  • A fifth thing I can’t think of

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Always wanted to do it (think @hip_young_gunslinger has been)

Try and get on the Red Cat one. The others on October are quite uninspiring


A little from all of those tbf tbh.

Beer was certainly varied quality, though enough fine stuff. Novelty of drinking pints on a train does wear off pretty quick, especially while you’re just going back and forth (and in the dark so we couldn’t see anything). Crowd was mixed, some old CAMRA duffers, but a lot of lad groups and some extended families and stuff. I think with a bunch of mates it would be fun, when it was just me and Mrs HYG, we felt ready to call it a day pretty quick (getting seats is kind of stressful too).

I wrote about it as it turns out (all observations true at the time of going to press)


Bet it stinks of farts after an hour


I’m down with this.


Will also add The Wolf for #hypebeerz alongside those mentioned


Sainos has to be Weihenstephaner for me. Honorable mention to NM New World at Mozzas too


This is the go-to Morrison’s beer for me. I would argue it’s the best beer available in any UK supermarket (definitely the best in a 4-pack).


Good review - sounds like it’ll be…OK. Going with a good bunch of lads but won’t expect much from the beer. Red Cat are decent but their night was sold out already, we’re doing the Longdog and Tillingbourne one.


Honestly, I think with a good group it’ll be a great laugh.


Longdog are alright. Their Lamplight Porter is decent


Cherry Reds just over the road from Brewdog is decent as well as Tilt. The Wolf always has a really good range of beers, Wellington and Old joint are good for all your cask needs.


There’s a place called Kilder that’s really good for beer wankery stuff


Beavertown, but Mikkeller too. Nice, tasty, and silky smooth in the mouth.


Thanks for all the suggestions @Jamos @CHAIRMAN_LMAO @hip_young_gunslinger @rich-t @tuna @Huggy_Bear @almal100

I’ll likely be working in Birmingham on odd days here and there for the foreseeable, so may check most of these out…


Did you see the announcements saying that it was the Southover / Pub with no Name, up the top of Southover Street?


That is unbelievably good news. Funnily enough, the last time the Southover was a decent pub was when it was run by the bloke who’s now at the Bierhaus.


Yeah I did. And Jim from the Beer Dispensary is running the bar