DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



If you’ve got time - and it’s open - The Paper Duck is great. Harborne is about 15 minutes away on the bus. https://m.facebook.com/thepaperduck/
Also, Cotteridge Wines is the Brum legend. It’s the Kris Wines of Birmingham.


Already get quite a few of theirs in M&S in Preston


In Belgium with work. Accidentally double parked. This could get fun.


Ah shit.


Oh come on.


You’ll be on the floor by teatime. That Delerium Tremens is strong stuff!


Waitrose - don’t think I’ve ever stepped foot in one tbqh
M&S - Northern Monk New World
Morrisons - my nearest is not very near so never been for beer
Sainsburys - Brewdog Jet Black Heart
Sainsburys Local - Stewart First World Problems
Asda - Vocation Life & Death
Tesco - Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale
Coop - Fierce Split Shift
Aldi - Tempest Brave New World
Lidl - whatever Fallen they have in


Two vintages of Delirium Noel, one Buffalo Trace barrel aged Delirium and a Nocturnum. I’m just about to sit down and have lunch. I like my job.




Bringing any back for the rest of us aye :wink:


Great news guys, I apparently drank enough beer to be a graduate of beer or something. Thanks for all your support.


I’ll put them in my snazzy new briefcase.


Nb. Marketing works kids.


They’re all going to be so jealous when you rock up at work with your Beer Wanker lunchbox.


Unfiltered Tremens and St Idesbald. We go again.


I love Harvey’s me, I really do, but Brewer Of The Year? https://www.harveys.org.uk/harveys-named-uk-brewer-of-the-year-and-awarded-for-new-designs/


Don’t quite know how these awards work tbh. Waitrose for Gamma Ray? What?



Are we in 1999?


A Portland list would be superb for me too and much appreciated, heading there on Sunday!


Amazing :smiley: