DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



oh yeah shit @mark_h as well:

on the west side, which is kind of like the Downtown area, there is a load of places:

Back Pedal - smallest brewery I went to in Portland but had the best ‘hazy’ NE style beers - I mean, you’re on the west coast so this is understandable but they’re really worth checking out. close at 10pm though.

10 Barrel - beer was good and has a really cool roof terrace - good daytime place.

Rogue (also have one over on the East side) - worth going to later in the evening as it’s open the latest there and does happy hour food/drink after 10pm (also before 7pm I think). some pretty great beers as you can expect as they’re the only brewery from this area i’ve seen in the UK.

those 3 ^^^ are all right next to each other

Deschutes - this is the biggie in terms of Portland beers from what I could work out. really cool place, as with basically all the bigger brewery taps it does loads of food and all the food i ate in breweries was really, really good. especially Rogue actually. this is a must anyway. ask to sit in the bar area if you’re not eating.

there is, tbh, a load of other breweries on this side of the river - Von Ebert, which I think was like belgian german and czech style beers? and some others that you are bound to come across just walking around.

east side:

worth going over to this side of the river if you have time to visit Apex alone - amazing beer bar, russian river, modern times, etc. all on tap - and there’s a few other breweries in that area that I didn’t get time to visit but if you look on google maps you can find them very easily (worth downloading the whole of Portland to your ‘offline’ maps if you’re not going to have data, although all the breweries have WIFI)

if you go REALLY east there’s the horse brass pub and belmont station - i didn’t get over there but i hear good things.

i can also highly recommend renting the electric scooters to get about town - ride them in the cycle lanes to be on the safe side - although i never rode them when i was pissed… going along the river is a good shout.

this isn’t exactly an extensive list but honestly in the main area of town on the west side you’ll stumble upon cool breweries/bars basically everywhere you look - it’s all basically new to someone from outside the UK so everywhere’s worth at least a flight!


Looks tremensdous.


Off work tomorrow to pack. so got some cans in.


Got the LHG one too (though at a friends so won’t be having it for a while) let me know how it is!


Belmont station is cool, Horse Brass Pub is alright, but think a lot of its appeal is that it looks like a British pub. So, maybe not worth it for a British.
I am at Oedipus Brewery in Amsterdam is pretty cool.


Thanks for this, a few places I didn’t have on my list! I’m there for 10 days and a little worried I’m going to be at best slightly tipsy for most of that time…


I was on the west coast for 2 weeks and drank every day. The moment I found Pliny The Elder on tap was a real game changer (I was drinking it for as little as $5 a pint in San Fran…)


Thought it was a little bit too bitter for me.


Just having a lil Boss Juice (the last of the beers I brought back from n. America :pensive:)


Ahm deid lol.


Had the iStout last night. Nothing special, which is a shame given the price. Should have gone for a big can of Layers.


Same glass :fist_right:


:frowning: guess this is no surprise but i had some lovely trips to M&co


Aw that’s a wee shame, was a nice place to go pre/post/during shift


One last one for the road (will need to have one in UK now to see if any different)


Hate to see anyone have to close but that location was awful. Was never once motivated to stomp round there from Hackney Wick, despite having plenty of opportunities. Think the only time i got anywhere near it was running the Hackney Half! Liked the concept, hopefully they can find a better spot and try again.


Really gutted. Was such a lovely place, reliably great beers, and the Sunday roast was absolutely cracking.

Totally understand the issue though, it was a fucking pain to get to…


That is a real shame. I think a lot of businesses round there must find it tricky. I went to meet a mate who bought a place in that East Village or whatever it’s called and it seemed pretty dead.


This is superb thanks so much, apart from Deschutes the others on the west side of your list weren’t already on mine so this is a nice bonus…and the fact that they are all near my hotel. Really looking forward to this trip.


Whats the best pub in/near Brighton that does a good Sunday roast and has some nice beers?