DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



That doesn’t narrow it down too much! Do you want ale or craft beer? Are you going with a few people or a big group? Are you right in the middle of town or out in Hove or up in Hanover?


I’m off up to London tonight. Help me choose a train beer, Beer Wankers!:

  • Cloudwater DDH IPA Citra Mosaic
  • Magic Rock / Wylam Northern Powerhouse
  • Kiln Rewind NEIPA
  • Magic Rock / Verdant What Are The Odds
  • Unbarred Redeye Sour
  • Brewdog Clockwork Tangerine
  • Kiln Slide Away
  • Arundel Maple Syrup, Chocolate and Coffee Stout
  • Aruendel Clockwork v2
  • Unbarred MPA
  • Dark Star / Unbarred Unreal NEIPA
  • None of the above and stop off at Traflagar Wine on the way to the Station

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That Northern Powerhouse DIPA is gorgeous.


I’m a weirdo, and always drink beers in reverse order. So save what I’m most excited about drinking 'til last. For a train beer, I’d take that BrewDog one.


Middle of town heading down with a friend to buy some drum bits.

So it’ll just be two of us, the Sunday roast is more important that beer, so just a nice pub with nice beer and Sunday roasts. Happy with Harveys, Dark Star etc


Think of it less as a train beer, more the beer to mark the start of a good night out.

(I’m going to make another shandy out of the brewdog one at some point)


I’m having that tonight.


There’s not nearly as much Harveys about in town these days, and the main Harveys pub - The Lord Nelson - isn’t all that IMHO.

I’d go to the Basketmakers. It’s not Harveys or Dark Star, but it is the best pub in town (although I’m probably going to go for a roast at the Good Companions myself this weekend, but that’s more to do with being near friends)


Tbh I voted for the only one I’ve had but thought the Magic Rock/Verdant was lovely.


I’ll try not to stalk you, but if you see someone in the pub carrying a new snare drum and/or cymbal, that’ll be me or my friend.


I’m looking forward to the magic rock / verdant, since I love what both those breweries do.

DAMN! I just realised I didn’t mention the Arundel Saison? I guess Saison’s a bit heavy for a drink on the train anyway.


Beer dispensary is good for roasting, but maybe not now Dizzy Gull has gone to the new Brighton Bier place.


What you going to drink it from though?


The Southover hasn’t reopened yet, has it? I thought Dizzy Gull were going to do both. I’ll have a double check.


Is that not the wylam/box social DIPA?


It is - I foolishly thought it was a magic rock collab because of the design on the can. I stand corrected.


I only asked because I went to my box to see which ones I had left and one was a DIPA in a green can…


@rich-t Dizzy Gull were definitely still doing food at BBD a week ago


BBD tweeted that they were moving. So I assumed they’d be stopping.


I saw that earlier, but is it quite a small place?