DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Yeah, pretty tiny, but one of the best places in Brighton for beer. Got a conservatory on the back for a bit more room.


Stopped in Spoons to grab a Friday train beer and it occurred to me there was a unique check-in I’d never looked at before. So here we go!


Used to love that beer. Ring pull cap


Not wanting to disrespect the results of the poll:


Once I cook dinner, I’ll be joining you.


Cheers! :beers:


Pintle first. Heiny next.


That heiny is a very tasty beer. If I see some more I’ll be buying some more.


It was the last can. Maybe not as fresh as possible, but been eager to try it for ages. Gotta support the little guys.


Patreon for me to keep up with all these nice beers


This was tasty, but I could have bought a four pack of corona and a lime for the same price.



I really liked it, but it wasn’t limey enoughy really. Tasted more radler-y than it should’ve


A little haul from Craft and Courage in Crystal Palace




Having a can of Unreal right now. Love it.


Finally got there on Thursday and thought it was a bit quiet but blamed it being a Thursday :slight_smile:


Drunk but at @blind_pilot @Severed799 place with £100 credit ha


(don’t think I’ve met either of you yet :)l


Then again me and @blind_pilot can talk about pne.,…,.


Ah man, I’m on a rare Saturday night off as I only got back from Belgium this afternoon! Enjoy yourself: I’m about tomorrow daytime if you’re still kicking about, though given our start to the season my desire to chat PNE is slightly dulled…