DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Definitely around then. Can both cry about Gardner ha.:slight_smile:


Don’t think so. Hop city wasn’t, so I think it’s a first


Aldi selling Grimbergen as a special from tomorrow


If you guess which one I am I’ll give you a DiScount


Actually patch that, you’ve got £100 already :joy:


Pretty tasty, like a mellower version of the Limincello DIPA that Siren? did. Not exactly tart or bitter though.


Oh I had a couple whiplash when I wasn’t in Dublin this week, was v impressed


I didn’t like the other one I had but this will make me reconsider.


At Leeds international beer fest

They’ve got a shipping container from Maine with 77 lines on it


At the Brighton Beer Dispensary. Roast Lamb ordered. Thanks @rich-t


Saw this on twitter, when it goes back to the US it’s going to be full of UK beer :smiley:


Got 2 cans of brewdog - India pale ale leftover in the fridge.

  • Drink 'em
  • Leave them for the next tenants and put them off Brewdog forever.

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How bad are the IPA?

If they’re not awful, I’d be taking them with me.


I gave it 3.5 but it’s very nondescript and almost lagery.

Just gonna drink em.


Probably not for me, but I’d regret leaving them next time I run out of beer.


This isn’t going to happen to me.

Also think one of the storage cupboards might be big enough to brew in.

@Matt_was_taken what’s your set up/any tips?


You don’t realise how many breweries have used the Et Tu, Brut? pun until you try to check something in on Untappd…

(The Wild Beer/Stillwater collab fyi, very nice and dry)


Trafalgar Wines haul.


I’m fortunate that I’ve got a 3 bed place to myself so got two 30 litre containers in a spare room and boxes of bottles in the garage or other room :slight_smile:

Biggest thing is temperature, and that it’s consistent.


Obviously any questions fire away and I’ll try to help :slight_smile: