DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Can you brew me some beer please?


Did you get a starter kit or buy things separate?

Seen some starter kits but they all seem to come with plastic bottles which I don’t really want.


I got a kit that contained one 25 litre tub, a big spoon, the airlock thing, some disinfectant, a hydrometer, a stick on thermometer thing for the tub, syphon tube-filter and tap, and a trial jar.

Think it was from bigger jugs (bean.jpeg)

Then bought another tub later on, most other things such as more disinfectant and brewing sugars, molasses etc I bought later from a localish shop to me


Recommend these guys if you want to start really small but decent quality - will end up with much nicer stuff than an extract kit. You just need a big pot (as big as possible) and ideally a big sieve or similar.



I make cider sometimes and use glass bottles with (what are those clippy caps called?) I bought in Wilko’s once it’s done.


Lambics under threat.


Won’t It just make them funkier?


I think they’re concerned that the exact make-up of microflora and wee beasties that work on the beer will be affected by the warm temps (why they don’t brew in the summer already), so the taste would be totally changed.


Got ya, could be interesting all the same just repackage it as something new :wink:


It’s that weekend some of you said would work for a meat…


Well played that Steve


All aboard the hype train!


half of it’s gone off to be barrel aged too…



actually never had a stout from CW come to think of it


Sod it. Ordered a box.


The big ones they’ve done have been really good


Think this is my first unbarred. Was labelled as an neipa in the shop and it isn’t really.



Spotted four packs of Fourpure in Tesco #itbegins


I have bought some craft beers and also a Heineken.