DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Dame Melba Phantom :heart:


Yeah, it’s not a bad beer, but not one that’s got me fired up. I might try their red eye sour later. Although I have got the magic rock / Verdant collab in the fridge.


Magic Rock and Verdant won. It’s lovely.


Good train this


tonight’s haul


I worked the mad hatter stand for the Liverpool craft beer expo, I drank so much of that


bloody love advance wars


Did the rounds of portland last night(thanks for the recommendations)
Started at 10 barrel where the roof area was nice, then went to rogue, which probably had the most interesting selection for me personally (and the staff gave me freebies!) then van buuren as we wandered by accident (alright) then finally deschutes where i ate. Looking at untappd between my fingers i had 3 pints and 15 samples which possibly explains why i am contemplating never drinking again…great night though.


All I need to say about the beavertown expo is #mailbombs. Sorry I didin’t meet you @blind_pilot to talk about about pne but I feel i was a bit too drunk in your place the night before (sorry about that)


and i remeber is trying to buy @Severed799 a few drinks :frowning:


Thabks again to all for Birmingham suggestions, made it to Tilt and Cherry Red’s in the end, both of which were an absolute delight in their own ways. CR’s even had some great-sounding live jazz on!

I’ll possibly have more overnights in the future so I look forward to checking the rest out.


Note to self: start a brewery who’s core sour beer is called “Mario Gose”


I’m sure you will have had to try really hard :wink:


No worries, next time! Or I’ll hit you up next time I’m home in Preston: there’s actually a whole bunch of places I want to check out up there now.


Just realised this is a sly dig at me and ILL HAVE YOU KNOW I DIDNT ACCEPT HIS KIND OFFER Because we get a free staff pint, thanks boss




Ricky Lambic


Love it


And obvs the conti, we are half decent ha.


Natch. Still my go-to pub when I have some time to kill :+1: