DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Ive been to almost all of these.




Not particularly useful as a recommendation since it was a one-off but hot damn this is a tasty beer:

Edit: pleasing alignment of the label and the top of the beer there


Crosse Keys is an easy winner, Pommeler’s Rest at 7 though? It’s grim af


That was one of my favourites from the box. Absolutely delicious.

I was also very pleasantly surprised by the brown ale.


Don’t think I’ve ever been to the Crosse Keys, but I can’t disagree with 2 & 3.

Would probably have put the Goodman’s Field a lot higher but most of my affection for it was based on how ten years ago you could go there on a saturday and it would dead quiet. It probably isn’t like that anymore…


I know there is no badge for it but I am currently on 699 beers in untappd which is slightly annoying.
Not drinking midweeks either so it is going to stay like that until the weekend.


Unique: 2117
Total: 2804


Unique 2089
Total 2567


Unique 2278
Total 2312


Booked flights to Munich this weekend. Going for one night of madness in December. Can’t wait.


You probably served me if you worked the sunday.
Really enjoyed the mango one but favourite (from the whole day) was the Scouse beetroot sour. Lovely beer


I didn’t do the Sunday, I was a broken man after the Friday and Saturday


Unique 2378
Total 2869


Look at us all with £10k worth of Untappd check ins

Absolute mugs


Total 477
Unique 460

can’t be arsed logging stuff i’ve had before unless there’s a significant difference


303 / 294 - only been doing it since Christmas 2017. Do you lot write little reviews or just a lil piccy?


Sometimes a little note, but not usually. And a pic if something is nice enough


1127 check ins
1113 unique.

Gonna pretend I spent on average £3 a half and its only £400 over 2-ish years.


Been on it since January 2016.

Total - 2152
Unique - 1468