DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



All of them


Namely, 4pts of some local stuff from the brewery, 4 tins of m&s beers and a pint of localish stuff with @twentynine

Edit: my local brewery are setting up for an open day, so have nothing on :worried:


Then off to a mate’s micropub tomorrow, then meeting some ATDs for beer and toryball. Bristol Monday for Low and will try and get some beerz from a couple of shops


Not even a week - told them on the Friday they had to close on the Sunday.


And the sat DiSmeat meant there wasn’t any time for me to say goodbye :cry:


CW A/W18 DDH Pale V1 is tasty as :ok_hand: hoppy and bitter and refreshing all at once.

Broken Dreams was nice and easy to drink but eh. Just a stout @Icarus-Smicarus


Guys, this is so, so good.


Have Verdant ever made a bad beer?


I haven’t had it if they have!


A couple of average ones, and a tonne that seem the same, but pretty consistent brewery


yeah, safe pair of hands.


Went well out of my way to Raynville Superstore in Leeds today. Can’t believe I’ve not been before, or that it’s so good in the middle of nowhere like that.

Best bottle shop in Leeds. Almost as good as Rehills


It’s a top place. Johnny that runs it is a good lad too


Won a bet since I’ve got home and wish I’d bought a lot more now


Just finishing a Siren Sheltered Spirit.

I’m not a massive fan of bourbon/ stout combos but once this opens up a bit it’s really nice.


I didn’t make the face.


Just having one of these. Wow.

The same bar had an Other Half/Veil collab dipa on. Send help


this is fantastic


Dunno if theres any Glasgow beer wankers.



Calling bullshit here.