DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Brewdog on there feels like some top class trolling.


just one big fuck you to b’town




Incredibly late birthday present from my sister (it was in June)



Oh no it just started raining, better stay home.



Mini haul


High hopes for these two.


NM in particular was really nice.


I’m a big fan of that Swamper. I had it for the first time on Friday - delicious. It does not taste like it’s only 3.5%


Yeah, it’s brilliant. Perfect beer for me.


These were both pretty lovely. My head hurts this morning.


Was nearly £8 when I popped in to HB&B earlier - glad I got it on Friday.

Did pay well over the odds for the new NM DDH IPA though obviously…


Same. I only went to the beer shop for it. Thought they didn’t have it so picked out 2 other beers then saw it… Obviously had to take all 3 by that point.


Just been to Kris Wines on York Way and… it looks like a building site.

According to the little pink sign

I bloody hope so. Felt like Han Solo when he was expecting to see Alderaan.


My mate lives just round the corner from there so went a lot in the summer - bet he shit himself when he saw it closed up like that as well!


Had my first Plum Porter of the year today :ship:


When I saw the hoardings I knew they were where the shop is but my brain wasn’t accepting it. Hope it’s back quicker than the newsagent up the road from me, which had similar work going on but was shut for months.
The Leyton Star was selling Titanic plum porter over the summer. I did have a few in 20C-plus but it felt… wrong. It still tasted as good as it does but it’s not the temperature for it.



Not that their website says anything (I think)


Cheers - the website has Christmas opening hours but I’ve got a feeling they’re from 2017.