DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



In case you’ve not seen the email, looks like they’re being shipped out Monday :tada:


Excellent. I got an email confirming that my second payment was coming out, but nothing about the actual dispatch/delivery.

I’m quite looking forward to this box - I had a NM Patrons Project White Grapefruit Brut IPA last night. It was extraordinary.


Ah yeah, that’s the one - taking this entirely from the subject line



@weeber you pay upfront don’t you. So the payment is at the beginning of the month for delivery at the end of the month?


Yeah, the payment for this one came out at the end of October. Had always been presuming it would be sent out this week.

Hope December’s goes out a bit earlier though, as I saw something on Instagram that suggested they were doing another run of this and I presume it will be in it


Oh god!!! I am so jealous. What did you go for?


My mate went over October half term and said it was all amazing. Was so jealous


Yep, sorry, been out today and missed this message till now!


One of the beers I picked up from Trafalgar Wines last week. Looking forward to this.


This is :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


God this is good


Had 5 4ozers.

Best was probably idaho7 and galaxy


went to the beer merchant’s tap for the first time. can’t remember exactly whose place it is, but all i can say is top stuff!

only stopped in for one and had the good fortune for that one to be steady rolling man. then took away a can of swamper, northern monk’s death, the imp stout mole one by magic rock, and a can of lhg’s amarillo ipa for under 20 quid.

will definitely be back. keep up the great work!


I’m at Brew York now - didn’t realise they’d built this beer hall! It’s amazing.


Yeah, couldn’t believe it when we walked in and saw the giant untappd screen above the bar. Really impressed


Well, I am at a Mogwai gig…


I am also going to be at that gig! Just in Deadwax Social.


I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you. As mentioned in the Sunday thread, I have a photo pass, so I’ll be exiting the pit at the left of the stage after three songs, if you want to look out for me.


*riki tik


Had a couple of absolutely perfect pints of cask in the Phoenix afterwards before the train home. Love York so much.