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It’s ace. Loved the Phoenix. Great recommendation.

Memories of Brew York are really hazy. There were several rooms IIRC. And there was a Fourpure takeover which was mildly disappointing as we’d all travelled up from south London. And all of us lost/broke the beer glasses.


@blind_pilot manages it, and I am his humble servant


just realised i spotted the new Cloudwater IPA double pack thing in the window of House of Trembling Madness yesterday but we didn’t have time to go in. bet it’s gonna cost me double to get it in London now.


Day off today. Had a little jaunt into town, and having a couple in Mother Kelly’s before I go and collect my son. Forgot the Northern Monk thing was on here! Had a glass of Heathen.


Er - could someone delete that attachment? @moderators :man_facepalming:t2:


Trying one of these Brewgooder Clean Water efforts from the supermarket. It’s… alright.


Yes… Humble.

(Thanks for the kind words @warmslime!)


Any good?


It’s not bad, but the chilli takes away from the NEIPA-ness of it. Glad I tried it, but I wasn’t too fussed that they didn’t have any left when I went back to the bar.


Yeah that’s kimda how I pictured it, it’s a strange combo to say the least, thanks!


I think I said on untapped that I didn’t realise it was a chilli beer initially. The chilli just makes the hop flavours taste quite sharp (which is good, because I’m generally not a fan of chilli in drinks). I guess it’s meant to be a mix of hard and soft within the same drink, like Mogwai’s music.


Popped into Rick Astleys earlier and they had a selection of Hill Farmstead beers on. I was aware of the hype but knew little of them so tried 1/3 of their Nordic Saison. Always thought saisons weren’t really my thing, but man. This was so good. An almost sherbert taste initially but then that tartness fades and I just had to stop myself from necking it and getting another,


oh shit. might have to pop in at lunch time some time this week. would have said the exact same about Saisons but you’ve convinced me…


Got lost looking for the Bronx brewery last night so only had time for 1 but had their dipa and probably up there with my beers of the year.


Beer hawk advent calendar has been delivered


Assume you’ll be doing a daily reveal?


Can do. Think it’ll be pretty run of the mill stuff though


Yes but as a counterpoint - beer.


It was tap number 20. I’m an uncultured swine, so switched to big glasses of the Hazy IPA afterwards. Was just too pricey (£5 for a 1/3).

Get the impression demand wasn’t all that high. They told me the few kegs they have had been on a good few days, and they were happy to let me and my mate try as many as we liked.


I was thinking of doing this so can sub in as needed.