DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Whoever opens it first wins for the day.

Spoiler the pic though


It’s not a new beer but bearing in mind the chilli beer talk I’ve just tried this for the first time and it was sooooo good! Thick and luxuriant as you’d want from an Imp stout but with a real fiery mouthful tang that is in no way unpleasant. Not necking material mind!


NM Neopolitan pale is still vv good everyone :ok_hand:



Can that be for the core recipe or more likely just the branding etc? You’d think they’d just release it with a new name or tiny twist otherwise (like renaming Noa to Aon as someone pointed out to me)


I’m in Bruges for the day on Saturday - have about four hours free, where should I be drinking?


De Garre
Cafe Red Rose
La Trappiste
't Brugsch Bieratelier
Halve Maan brewery tour, (if not enough time, a drink here is nice)
't Brugs Beertje (may be called something different now mind)
The beer wall
't Poatersgat

Could make a massive list, but really depends on what time you’re there as some of these may not be open during the day. The De Garre tripel is one of the best beers going, they play classical music in there and it’s dead cosy, so that’ll be my first option. Is quite hard to find, but easy enough if you have a phone. Cafe red rose is (or at least was) cash only, but it’s lovely in there.


I’ve got one of them in the fridge. Sounds like it’s not for the faint hearted!


Sounds like it’s a gonner


Intriguing. Wasn’t sure but to what extent you could copyright a recipe


The cynical part of me thinks that is just marketing too. And it’ll back in year or two under a slightly different guise to much fanfare.


Again, wouldn’t surprise me, but I doubt they’d kill one of their most popular beer releases for a marketing stunt.


Can vouch for what Rich says, De Garre was a highlight for me. The beer is strong as though. Perfect place.


Been in there so many times, but it’s still a lovely surprise every time.


I was gonna get a beer advent calendar but the only one I could find in the US was overpriced and chock full of flagship beers from big independent/breweries owned by big corporations masquerading as independent.

So I’m making myself one for next year. Pop on down to the local bottle-o twice a month, buy myself a nice expensive beer and enjoy it next December.

Then I’m also gonna do 12 days of spliffmas.


Yes! Tried my first one on Monday at Mother Kellys.


Thanks! De Garre sounds like a winner and is near one of the places I wanted to eat so will definitely plan it in.


Brasserie de la senne is supposed to be good


In addition to @rich-t’s suggestions, there’s a very nice basement bar located just off the main square.

Vaulted brick ceilings, dark and cosy, good range of beers (and cocktails - the White Russian is incredible), and old blues music played loud.

I’m out and about at the minute, but I’ll try and find the name of it later.


Is a great place.